CT Tulgeywood's Man in Black

earns his tracking championship.

Cash is owned by Rich Olsen.

He was trained to track by Beverly Olsen.

Cash shown above at 14 months being awarded his TD.

Cash went on to earn his TDX at just over 2 years of age.

Cash and Bev seen during his tracking test for his TDX.

Cash finds one of the gloves.

Here are Cash and Bev being awarded Cash's TDX.

It keeps getting better! Cash is now a Champion Tracker.

He was one of the youngest dogs to ever earn that title.
Cash passed his VST within days of his 3rd birthday.

When Cash took his first sniff of his VST track, it was very old as it had been laid over 3 hours earlier. The track was 635 yards long and he completed it in 10 minutes.

Above, Cash is following scent on cold hard pavement.
Areas with tall grass, weeds or vegetation hold the scent much better. This is tough.

Here Cash does equally well in an environment where many people pass through and there are many different smells.

Not only did Cash pass the test, he got high praise from the judge for an exceptional performance.
Cash has a new cast of smiling admirers.

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